December 8, 2007

December 8, 2007

  • Horse Talk Radio will host a another discussion on the Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. The broadcasts are available live online via Saturdays at noon, EST. You can also listen to a previous Horse Talk broadcast on the Horse Slaughter Prevention Act from October 13, 2007 at Horse Talk radio also broadcast a program on H.R. 249, a slaughter ban on wild horses. To listen to that program:

  • Manhattan City Council Member Tony Avella will hold a press conference today to announce a bill that would ban horse-drawn carriages for all City streets.

  • A new gallery dedicated to the New Mexico wild horse and its preservation opened in Socorro by the New Mexico Horse Project. All the art in the gallery is for sale and all proceeds will go to the New Mexico Horse Project aimed at promoting keeping wild horses wild and preserve the descendants of 30 horses lost by the Onate expedition in New Mexico in the 1500's.

  • Eileen Cohen of Minden, Nevada gets the ear of the Nevada Appeal who posted her letter titled, "BLM Is Mismanaging Wild Horses". Ms. Cohen tells it like it is when she makes it a point to quote Alan Rabinoff, acting Wyoming Director for BLM, when he stated "wild horses consume forage that would be better used to support wildlife and livestock". She has lots more to say....Tell em like it is Eileen and THANK YOU for speaking up and speaking out!

  • A fine art exhibit featuring photography by Kathy Weigand and oil painting by Allen Turk will be at Kerr Arts & Cultural Center in Kerrville through December 30. Kathy began visiting wild horses in Wyoming and Montana and grew to realize more about their everyday struggles and current government range management practices. She began corresponding with Emmy-wining filmmaker Ginger Kathrens, creator of the PBS television series and books, "Cloud, Wild Stallion of the Rockies" and "Cloud's Legacy" in efforts to learn more about mustangs and the Pryor Mountain wild horses. Like so many others after learning the truth, she now works to raise awareness and help preserve what's left of America's Heritage Species. Weigand is a highly credited professional photographer who will donate a portion of the proceeds of the exhibit to the Cloud Foundation in efforts to help support their preservation.

  • The Carson Ranger District is accepting applications for potential adopters for 22 wild horses removed during November from the Jacita Mesa Wild Horse Territory (WHT). Adoptions are scheduled for December 14 & 15th, 2007. The wild horses were gathered using a low-stress baiting method to meet humane treatment conditions as outlined in the 2002 management plan for the wild horses. However, two horses died during the removals, one from running into a frozen panel that instantly broke its neck and a second one had to be euthanized from that was originally believed to be a gunshot wound. However, Rincon Blanco Veterinarian Clinic determined, due to severe internal infections found in the horse, the wound was likely caused by a fall, not gunshot. In January, 41 wild horses were also removed and 12 in 2006. Click Here for the El Rito Ranger District wild horse page - includes a link to view the wild horses available.

  • On December 1, 2007, the BLM has issued a public notice regarding the establishment of a new system of records for the National Wild Horse & Burro Program. The public has 30 days to review the new system and provide any comments or recommendations before BLM approves it. This new proposal deserves attention! To view the complete article on what the BLM is proposing and who to contact for more information, go to-

  • The Bureau of Land Management in Utah has bombarded the public with FIVE Draft Management Plans for establishing how public lands will be managed within the next 10-20 years. These plans will become the guiding foundation for HOW Utahs wild horse and burro herds will be administered and grant BLM the future authority of what they do to those herds. Land use plans are huge documents that require hours of study of BLMs proposals. Posting five of them all within the same few months is yet another effort by land managers to overwhelm the public and consequently, discourage public awareness, participation and involvement.
To access ALL currently proposed Draft Management Plans, go to:
Moab Draft Management Plan - Public Comments - ClosedVernal Draft Management Plan -Supplemental - Public Input Due by January 3, 2008

Kanab Draft Management Plan - Public Input Due by January 12, 2008

Richfield Draft Management Plan - Public Input Due by January 26, 2008

Monticello Draft Management Plan - Public Input Due by February 8, 2008

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