December 4, 2007

December 4, 2007

  • Nice story about Judi Chapman, aka Hossfly, based in Arizona that works with wild mustangs in such a way the reporter decides to call her a "Horse Whisperer".
  • The Carson Ranger District is accepting applications for potential adopters for 22 wild horses removed during November from the Jacita Mesa Wild Horse Territory (WHT). Adoptions are scheduled for December 14 & 15th, 2007. The wild horses were gathered using a low-stress baiting method to meet humane treatment conditions as outlined in the 2002 management plan for the wild horses. However, two horses died during the removals, one from running into a frozen panel that instantly broke its neck and a second one had to be euthanized from that was originally believed to be a gunshot wound. However, Rincon Blanco Veterinarian Clinic determined, due to severe internal infections found in the horse, the wound was likely caused by a fall, not gunshot. In January, 41 wild horses were also removed and 12 in 2006. Click Here for the El Rito Ranger District wild horse page - includes a link to view the wild horses available.
  • BLMs has finished removing wild horses from the New Pass/Ravenswood and Augusta Herd Management Areas in NV. New Pass/Ravenswood HMA removed 420 wild horses with 158 wild horses released back into the HMA and 92 mares treated with fertility control - the estimated remaining population is 208-268. The August Mountains Herd Management Area removed 214 with 39 released and an estimated remaining population of 178-192. To obtain a copy of the Final Gather Report, email
  • On December 1, 2007, the BLM has issued a public notice regarding the establishment of a new system of records for the National Wild Horse & Burro Program. The public has 30 days to review the new system and provide any comments or recommendations before BLM approves it. This new proposal deserves attention! To view the complete article on what the BLM is proposing and who to contact for more information, go to-
  • American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign has posted the 2007 Final Gather Results and the 2008 Wild Horse & Burro Gather Schedule for those interested in those statistics. BLM releases the Gather Schedule with a "disclaimer" - all gathers, removals and information is subject to change. To view the Schedules, go to:
  • The BLM has announced an extension through December 7, 2007 of their original deadline for public nominations to fill three vacancies on the national Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. The categories to be filled are: Wild Horse and Burro Advocacy, Veterinarian Medicine and General Public Interest. For experienced WH&B advocates who know how to read between the lines, BLMs extension of the nomination deadline translates into no one has yet submitted a nomination that BLM will "approve of". While advocates who have passionately pursued wild horse and burro preservation have been continually denied appointments for many years, perhaps NOW is the time to try again since BLM seems a little short of qualified individuals they haven't "reappointed to death". For qualifications and submission requirements, go to:
  • The Bureau of Land Management in Utah has bombarded the public with FIVE Draft Management Plans for establishing how public lands will be managed within the next 10-20 years. These plans will become the guiding foundation for HOW Utahs wild horse and burro herds will be administered and grant BLM the future authority of what they do to those herds. Land use plans are huge documents that require hours of study of BLMs proposals. Posting five of them all within the same few months is yet another effort by land managers to overwhelm the public and consequently, discourage public awareness, participation and involvement.
To access ALL currently proposed Draft Management Plans, go to:

Moab Draft Management Plan - Public Comments - Closed

Vernal Draft Management Plan -Supplemental - Public Input Due by January 3, 2008

Kanab Draft Management Plan - Public Input Due by January 12, 2008

Richfield Draft Management Plan - Public Input Due by January 26, 2008

Monticello Draft Management Plan - Public Input Due by February 8, 2008

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