December 19, 2007

December 19, 2007

  • You'll have to excuse the delay in posting anything new but apparently when the "Christmas Tribute" email went out, AH went under investigation for being a potential spamming blog and access was shut down until the investigation was complete. Needless to say, glad to be back and obviously there won't be anymore Christmas emails sent again! Now on to business.....

  • The Houston Chronicle published an article yesterday detailing how the 122 page Internal Investigative Report cleared the wildlife officers that shot some 71 wild burros of animal cruelty charges even though other Park employees testified they were left to suffer in Big Bend State Park in TX. The burros are being shot in accordance with the Sierra Clubs environmental policies and to make room for bighorn sheep currently planned to be introduced into the Park. Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue has recently announced plans to try and corridinate with Texas Park officials to remove the wild burros through live capture rescues to prevent further killings.Read the full article and cover up, which is also accepting comments at:

  • Award winning author Deanne Stillman has proudly announced the release of "Mustangs: The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West" available for pre-order at Amazon and is due out in June 2008. Deanne has been compiling information, stories and facts to create this accounting of our wild horses for almost 10 years. We are all eagerly anticipating its arrival! Thank you Deanne!!!! You can place your order now at:

  • The American Horse Defense Fund has put out an Alert requesting public comments to support the elimination of inhumane double decker trailers used to transport horses to slaughter. The public has until January 7, 2008 to be heard and AHDF says we really need to be! For complete information, click Hooflinks Here


  • Dear Friends of the Virginia Range Wild Horses,WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP! We are nearly out of hay and funding as we enter our 2nd quarter. Can you help us again with any size donation. We still have a job to do in adopting out the last 40 wild horses but HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS! We have saved 200 wild horses from slaughter and they have been adopted into good homes. ISPMB has 74 of the original horses right now all over the age of 10. Our goal is to turn them out in the Spring when we find land available. There are still another 40 horses that must be captured and adopted next week. According to the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe there will be zero tolerance in holding these animals so we must make sure we are funded to save these horses otherwise they will be sold at auction. The winter is not the best season to adopt horses yet we were successful so far. Our goal is to raise $25,000 before the end of this year. We sure would appreciate your help as we complete this gargantuan rescue of one of the most historic herds in the United States.Donations can be sent to the address below or just click on our Pay Pal site Sincerely,Karen A. SussmanPresident, ISPMBPO Box 55 Lantry, SD 57636-0055Tel: 605.964.6866Cell: 605.430.2088

  • BLM has announced a recently released range evaluation of Montana's only remaining herd of wild horses in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. Based on this evaluation, BLM intends to redraw management plans for the wild horses in the area and is seeking public input for any revisions in the plans to be considered. The Billings Gazette offers a general story on the issues HERE while the BLMs complete proposals and requirements can be accessed HERE The deadline for accepting public comments is December 31, 2007.

  • On December 1, 2007, the BLM has issued a public notice regarding the establishment of a new system of records for the National Wild Horse & Burro Program. The public has 30 days to review the new system and provide any comments or recommendations before BLM approves it. This new proposal deserves attention! To view the complete article on what the BLM is proposing and who to contact for more information, go to-

  • The Bureau of Land Management in Utah has bombarded the public with FIVE Draft Management Plans for establishing how public lands will be managed within the next 10-20 years. These plans will become the guiding foundation for HOW Utahs wild horse and burro herds will be administered and grant BLM the future authority of what they do to those herds. Land use plans are huge documents that require hours of study of BLMs proposals. Posting five of them all within the same few months is yet another effort by land managers to overwhelm the public and consequently, discourage public awareness, participation and involvement.
    To access ALL currently proposed Draft Management Plans, go to:

  • Moab Draft Management Plan - Public Comments - Closed
    Vernal Draft Management Plan -Supplemental - Public Input Due by January 3, 2008
    Kanab Draft Management Plan - Public Input Due by January 12, 2008
    Richfield Draft Management Plan - Public Input Due by January 26, 2008
    Monticello Draft Management Plan - Public Input Due by February 8, 2008

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